Test Accounts

On the staging environment, you can use the following users and UIDs for testing.


The staging environment has two existing users that you can use for testing.

  1. test1@plugsurfing.com
    • Password: test
    • Has a payment method
    • Has a charging key (UID 04523022AA4881)
  2. test2@plugsurfing.com
    • Password: test
    • Has no payment method
    • Has no charging key

UIDs to test RFID

The staging environment holds the following UIDs for testing.

  1. 04523022AA4881
    • Is active
    • Belongs to a user (test1@plugsurfing.com)
  2. 0477BD22AA4880
    • Is inactive
    • Does not belong to a user
  3. 0477BD22AA4AAA
    • Does not exist