Managing Users

As an OEM you can manage your users on the platform. For example registration and log-in.

After user registration or log-in, you will get a token in the response. That token will be used in future calls to authenticate the user, so that your application does not store any user passwords.

Register Users

To register a new user on the platform, send this call.

Verify Users (Log-In)

If you want to verify an existing user by asking for the password, you can use this call.

User Details

If you want to manage additional user data, like for example the address, you can send that data to the platform.

Later it is possible to get the data, e.g. for displaying in an app.

RFID Management

To register a new RFID medium for a user, do the following.

It is possible that a user lost the RFID medium and wants to block it. This call allows a user to do so.


It may take up to 24h until the block has propagated throughout all networks.

User Payment Methods

There are two distinct calls to add a payment method for a user. One is to add a credit card, where the credit card deata is encrypted on the client side before it is transferred to the server. The other is for, for example, PayPal, where the server returns a URL that the client must open and present to the user.